Spreading Education

Spreading Education among all so that they can take their decision for their future.

Helping Hands

We are helping hands and creating future those who really in need .

Go Green

Making our envirnment green by planting more and more tree and also spreading awareness.

We support everyone

We take everyone with us and makng thier life easy.

Power Us by Donating…

We need your support

Badlav…. Breaking barriers and making change to ensure better future for each and every child.

“Child is the father of nation” is a statement by William Wordsworth and we have been listening such inspirational quotes since our childhood but the reality is there are millions of kids who cannot even reach to primary schools and because they are mostly from underprivileged background so they parents are also not much aware of the importance of education. How we can think about a strong nation without nurturing the saplings which will be the backbone of our society? The fact is education is the basic need of every human being along with air, water, food, cloth and shelter. If every one of us (all educated individuals) will educate at least one child, we can make a big difference. But this seems somewhat difficult for many of us.

Address: Habbipur Laugany, Near Kali Ashthan, Mathurapur, Bhagalpur, Bihar- 813222
Mobile No. 09801094503, 06205796267, 08298531635

“BADLAV ” is a secular non–political, non-profitable & a non government organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 6th day of Nov 2018. Our organization is a pan India social service organization working to promote basic human rights to education, better environment, improved health and hygiene, sports activities and to bring about social reforms through education, training & awareness campaigns.


Badlav is our small initiative and also a great opportunity because if we are busy in our life and hectic job then at least we can contribute though money so that our other brothers can run this great initiative and make it possible to achieve 100% social empowerment, better future and strong nation.




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