Changes happening at Badlav
Your cooperation, our efforts..
This is what Badlav hopes for..
There have been many changes at Badlav on 6-10-2020 and 7-10-2020. Pucca floor and walls have been made in place of kuccha floor and bamboo walls and pillars with help from villagers.
This restructuring work was possible by the hard efforts of the villagers and members, which completed this work in 3 days that could have taken a week. The major credit for this work goes to the villagers without them this work would not have been completed. They are now waverly waiting for Badlav Foundation to open for their children who can come and study there.
During this work, some children had requested for t shirts which can be worn while playing football and they were given Badlav t shirts along with assurance for being given full support in their studies and sports activities. These children had also helped Badlav Foundation in this restructuring work.
Two cricket teams and two volleyball teams were also given t shirts to be worn while playing by Badlav.
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