Today (26/08/2020) masks and soaps were distributed in areas like Habbipur, Laugayan and Line Hotel under Ramjanipur Panchayat of Kahalgaon block by the Badlav Foundation. People were made aware of how corona (CoViD-19) infection can be prevented. Masks and soap were distributed to people by going from their houses, farms, and playgrounds. At the same time, another team of Badlav Foundation distributed about 437 packets of food in Tapua (Rani Diara Panchayat of Pirpainti block). The flood victims got some relief after the distribution. This has made the villagers hopeful of help coming their way. The flood victims were assured to be helped as far as possible by the Badlav Foundation. The villagers also helped the members of Badlav in their distribution work. The following members contributed in these relief and awareness programs: Subhash Sinha, Manohar Mandal, Randhir Sinha, Dr. Avishek Prakash, Rishinand, Samit Kumar, Ritesh, Ashwini Niraj, Aman Kumar, Raman Kumar, Abhishek Neeraj, Rumit, Mithu, Bultu, Karan Kumar

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