Fluorosis is one of the severe public health problems in India, as almost two-third states are fluoride endemic. In India, approximately 25 million people are presently affected by fluorosis and 66 million are at risk of developing fluorosis, including children of age 14 years. India is situated in the geographical fluoride belt and in areas where fluoride content is high in rocks or soil, leaching of fluoride occurs, causing excess fluoride level in groundwater. However, the level of fluoride in water also depends on the natural solubility, presence of other minerals, the acidity of the soil and amount of water present, which explains high fluoride content in the groundwater. Bihar is one of the fluoride endemic states in India and 11 districts, including Bhagalpur district have reportedly high level of fluoride in the groundwater. Badlav Foundation has conduct health awareness programme(Date- 15th May, 2019) on the disease caused by fluoride effecting the general life style of citizens in Habipur-Lungai area of Ramurjaniur panchayat of Bhagalpur District, Bihar. Various specialists of AIIMS, New Delhi diagnosed the suffered people and provided them the right direction to follow. They thoroughly observed the whole society in above mentioned area and awared them which will help to keep next generation safe from contaminated water and to develop healthy society further.


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